Friday evening brewery tour

The craft beer scene in Vancouver is booming, and there are many delicious breweries right in the city, particularly concentrated in the Brewery Creek area. After the sessions end on Friday, you are invited to join a semi-organized tour of some of the best breweries in Vancouver.

We’ll start at the CRAFT Beer Market around 6:15, which is an easy bus ride on the 84 bus from campus, leaving at 5:30. CRAFT isn’t a brewery, but has many of the local breweries on tap, and you can try a wide variety here. It’s also located right in Brewery Creek, and a short walk from many great breweries.

Most of the breweries are rather small, so we will keep the plan flexible to allow people to taste at their own pace. The loose schedule will be:

  1. Craft Beer Market @6:15
  2. Faculty Brewing @7:00
  3. R&B Brewing @7:45
  4. Big Rock Urban Brewery @8:30

All except Faculty have good food options as well. The map for these breweries is here, along with 3 close-by alternates, in case some of the main 4 are full, or you’re on a fast pace!

If you have more time, or want to go on the weekend, a larger map of the best breweries in Vancouver is here.

Remember to taste responsibly, and have fun!